birth parent: sage

This video is a part of a series of three films that tells the story of an open adoption relationship from the perspective of three different people. The title of the series is Open Adoption: Love in Perspective. The series explores the unique relationship of love in an open adoption through the eyes of three different perspectives, a birth parent, adoptive parents and an adopted child. 

At the core of human relationships exists love and collaboration. The process of Adoption is full of love and tragedy at the same time. 

There are many people who may view an open adoption relationship at first glance to be awkward or not natural. Lots of doubt and fear surrounds the topic because of the lack of information out there about what it’s really like. In this story Sage, a birth mother, shares her story about what open adoption looks like for her.

The love that is part of adoption is contagious and inspirational. It can open up our eyes to the beauty of connecting and creating families as well as nurturing meaningful human relationships. 



Additional cinematography and support by: CASSIDY HILTON